With the world in a lockdown we at Film Companion thought why not use this oppurtunity to create a unique experience for our audience. We are starting a new series called ‘Learning In Lockdown’ where we will get some of the most celebrated talent from the film industry to take an hour long session with aspiring actors, filmmakers, writers etc.A unique e-learning course with the aim to provide hands-on, interactive learning to bridge the gap between academics and the industry.

We are kicking off the series with the national award winning actor – Rajkumar Rao! He will be taking us through 5 of his key performances and his acting process.
To be part of this session you would need to fill the form given below. The Film Companion team will then assess the form and select 40 people to be part of the session.

So start registering…You don’t want to miss this!

Terms & Conditions

1. Only Film Companion YouTube channel subscribers are eligible to register. If you want to participate in this session please ensure that you have subscribed to our Youtube channel.

2. The Film Companion team will take the final call in selecting the 40 people who will attend the session. The decisions would be made after assessing your answers on the form.

3. The session would be conducted online via Zoom.

4. Please fill in all the fields necessary to submit your form.